Dave Moss at Blue Prism World


Event: Blue Prism World 2018

Blue Prism is an industry leader in robotic process automation (RPA) and every year they host a major conference to share insights with their clients and partners on the future of the digital workforce.

For Blue Prism World 2018, CTO and co-founder Dave Moss wanted presentation visuals worthy of the significance of the event, so he turned to us to help him create an immersive, tech-savvy presentation that would reinforce the incredible things his company is doing.


Blue Prism World is an annual technology conference featuring the latest in robotic process automation (RPA), Intelligent Automation and the future of the digital workforce.

Dave was the keynote speaker at both Blue Prism World events—one at the Hilton Times Square in New York City and the other at the Park Plaza Westminster in London—and he was eager to amaze the assembled audiences of over 1,000 people each!


Blue Prism wanted its “Future of the Digital Workforce” presentation to be highly immersive and visual. The company had a library of videos being featured throughout the conference and were worried a static slideshow would have an uninspiring effect in comparison.

To ensure that didn’t happen, we designed the presentation to elegantly flow from sequence to sequence and leveraged many of the videos and creative assets Blue Prism was already showcasing. Far from static, the presentation’s opening sequence set the tone by zooming in on a rotating earth to a busy intersection, then zooming into the “heart” of the businesses to reveal the digital robots responsible for the RPA process.

The sequence looked stunning on the 30-foot screens on either side of the stage and helped Dave establish an energetic tone to kickoff both conferences.


Blue Prism was very excited to showcase our presentation leading up to the event and immediately after we got a shout-out from Pamela Benke, Director of Product Marketing and one of the contributors we worked with closely to create the presentation:

“Creativity, professionalism, onsite support, I cannot recommend Puffingston Presentations enough! Thank you Luke Goetting and your team for helping produce a top notch presentation for our CTO to deliver in NYC and in London!”

When it comes to your next event, don’t let your slideshows be the weak link. Companies like Blue Prism turn to us to make sure important presentations are high-quality in both content and visuals – transforming static content into dynamic, visually engaging presentations!