Western Union at Money20/20


Event: Money20/20 Conference

Western Union has an incredible history of innovation dating back to 1851, but in fast-emerging industries like FinTech—where companies and technologies seem to appear daily—it’s easy for established companies to be perceived as outdated.

To help reframe the conversation, chief compliance officer Jacqueline Molnar wanted to share Western Union’s rich past and future at the Money20/20 conference in Las Vegas so she turned to us to help create a presentation that would look anything but traditional!


Money20/20 is the premier global conference where the Payments, FinTech and Financial Services ecosystem unite to drive change in the future of money.

Jacqueline had been invited to speak in the Payments Track alongside companies with strong reputations for technological innovation including PayPal, Google and Facebook. Naturally, she was eager to make a strong impression for the hundreds assembled at the Venetian ballroom!


After discussing Western Union’s positioning goals, we began strategizing ways to showcase the “166 Year-Old Startup” theme by combining fascinating historic photos with tech-savvy slide sequences and motion backgrounds.

Scenes of historic Western Union offices were contrasted with modern ones—reinforcing the company’s reputation as both a trustworthy name in financial services as well as a modern-day innovator. Montages including former employee Thomas Edison and the first US domestic communications satellite were paired with a video highlighting how today’s mobile payments allow people to transfer money around the world in minutes.

The result was an energetic, visually engaging presentation experience that was highly unexpected for a session focused on regulatory compliance!


When we shared the presentation design with the Western Union team for the first time, it was enthusiastically received: “Thanks, we’ve reviewed with Jacqueline and we all love it! It’s the perfect look and feel,” said Sarah Davis, CCO Chief of Staff.

When the day of the important presentation came, the audience—and even the A/V technicians—felt the same way: “Thank you again for the great work on this! The presentation went well. One of the technicians at the session rehearsal even said, ‘That’s it, Western Union all the way for me now, no more MoneyGram!’ after we went through the deck!”

When it comes to important conference and sales presentations, brand positioning and slide design play a crucial role in how an audience perceives an organization. If your company is doing amazing things but your presentations don’t reflect that, then let’s connect!