National Restaurant Association Show


Event: NRA Show

The NRA Show is the largest annual gathering of the restaurant, foodservice and hospitality industry – taking place every May at the McCormick Convention Center in Chicago.

The host of the event, the National Restaurant Association, has a prominent booth at the entry of the convention hall and wanted to feature touchscreen displays showcasing information about the benefits of NRA membership.


For this year’s booth design, the NRA had gone above and beyond previous years with a three section layout at the entrance of the show hall. Each section would feature information on the core work the NRA does around Business, Workforce Development and Health, Wellness and Sustainability.

To help highlight that information, each section had a 15-foot long pod with three touchscreen HDTVs installed that were accessible to attendees.

With this exciting new booth setup, the NRA turned to us to help them create interactive presentations that would make the most of their show investment.


While discussing the project, we determined a traditional linear presentation wouldn’t work in this fast-paced tradeshow environment. The presentation needed to be intuitive enough for attendees to navigate on their own or in partnership with a staff member – allowing them to choose the content they were most interested in.

For the design, we conceptualized a tile-based menu with clickable sections outlining benefits of National Restaurant Association membership. Once viewers clicked into a subsection, they could choose to scroll through all the benefits or return to the main menu to make another selection.

The NRA team was excited to have full control over their presentations and were eager to start using them at the event!


For the National Restaurant Association and its show attendees, the presentation achieved its mission!

“Thanks so much for all the work you and your team did for us on such short notice. The touchscreens were well-received and it was actually pretty helpful to have a visual to show people information,” said Anna Tauzin, senior marketing manager for the NRA. “The environment you designed was beautiful and interesting for people walking by.”

When it comes to those “make or break” tradeshows, having visual resources that can quickly and effectively engage booth visitors is critical. Arm your staff with a dynamic, interactive presentation from Puffingston!