Oldcastle National Sales Presentation


Event: 2020 National Sales Opportunities

The experts at Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope work with contractors, architects, glaziers and owners around the world to provide complete solutions in facility windows, storefronts and entrances.

With 2020 approaching, the company’s marketing and sales leaders worked with us to craft a dynamic sales presentation that would elevate the Oldcastle brand while allowing salespeople to easily navigate through the company’s products, services and success stories.


Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope is a leader in the glass industry, with one of the most comprehensive collections of products on the market and a wide variety of customers with unique needs. Executives wanted a sales presentation that was comprehensive but also agile and conversationally dynamic – allowing salespeople to share solutions and examples with the customer as soon as they expressed the need.

“We wanted a presentation that was clean and on-brand with dynamic visual features so when we talk to customers and stakeholders, it’s engaging for them,” says Andreea Papas, Director of Product Marketing. “With linear presentations, so often the content being shared isn’t the content the customer is most interested in.”


Since we’d previously created high-impact keynotes for important Oldcastle events, Andreea and her team wanted to see what magic we could work on their sales presentation.

We started by strategizing with the content stakeholders to craft a presentation with three core sections: unique capabilities, products and success stories. The result was a presentation that was comprehensive…but also robust at over 70-plus slides.

To allow for easier navigation, we created a menu that would allow salespeople to jump to different parts of the presentation based on the flow of the conversation. No matter what slide they were on or how deep they were into the content, in just one click they could bring up the menu and navigate to a completely different part of the presentation. Voilà!


There’s no greater joy than knowing your client is satisfied and getting results, so we’re very happy with how it turned out. And we’re not the only ones:

“You gave us a finished product that we’re proud of, that our team is very proud to have — it’s the best case scenario,” says Andreea. “If you’re looking for something that’s engaging for your audience and still gets your message across, you guys do a great job.”

Oldcastle has already been seeing positive impacts from the new presentation with invitations for follow-up meetings increasing. We’ll continue to check with them to see the impacts of the new approach in 2020 and beyond!

If you’re ready to get more out of your sales opportunities, contact us below and we can talk presentation strategy today!