Randy Frisch at Conex User Conference


Event: Conex: The Content Experience Conference

Randy Frisch is the CMO and co-founder of Uberflip, an award winning content-experience platform. He’s written a book on content marketing, hosts a podcast, is a well-known speaker and was named one of the “Top 50 Fearless Marketers” by Marketo.

When planning for his company’s annual Conex user conference, Randy had three big goals in mind: To create a visually compelling deck, to deliver a powerful story and to get more done with less time. He turned to us to help make that happen.


Each year, Uberflip hosts its annual Conex conference and the 2019 edition was going to be bigger and better than ever – hosting over 700 attendees at the Toronto Royal Conservatory of Music.

Randy needed his opening keynote presentation to match the grandeur of event’s location, speakers and attendees while staying true to Uberflip’s core belief that content should be an experience. His presentation could not be a flat, monotonous slideshow devoid of story and meaning; it needed to be interactive, engaging and mesmerizing in the way only the best content can be.


With a referral from bestselling author and speaker Andrew Davis, Randy turned to our team to help bring his keynote to life.

The theme “Welcome to the Streaming Economy” outlined his vision for how business-to-business marketers should emulate the “binge-worthy” content experiences companies like Netflix and Hulu have created in the consumer world. Aesthetically, he wanted the presentation to feature his personal branding paired with the event theme in a way that didn’t feel like another corporate slideshow.

Together, we were able to take his unique brand of storytelling and combine it with immersive visuals to create a dynamic keynote presentation. As Randy recalls, “The ideas that we executed were at that next level, we did some really cool things with this deck.”


When showtime came, Randy’s presentation won big points with the audience and wowed a number of professional speakers as well!

“I was flattered by the comments talking about how my presentation was at a next level. I’ve used this deck and a couple versions of it since and I’ve had really strong feedback.”

Now, impressing the audience and professional speakers is a win for sure, but that’s not the only win Randy earned: “It’s hard to say in isolation, but the polish of the deck and the professionalism of it has helped me secure more keynotes where I’m paid or where I’m invited.”

Randy’s bottom line? Success, and more than he expected in some areas: “In terms of the overall templates and concepts, animation, etc. that were brought into this, I would say it was beyond what I was hoping for.”

We were happy to help Randy create a memorable kickoff for this once-a-year event. If you’d like help making the most of your keynote opportunity, give us a shout below!