Jones Graduate School of Business at Rice University


Event: Prospective MBA Student Event

Consistently rated as one of the nation’s top 25 business schools, Jones Graduate School of Business at Rice University is a great option for students pursuing an MBA.

With the prospective student event weeks away, however, school leaders realized their presentation could be a major differentiator in the competitive world of higher education so they turned to presentation experts to help them create an engaging presentation for Dean Peter Rodriguez.


Previous editions of the presentation had been full of useful facts and figures but the “visuals” were mostly text-based summaries of MBA program information. With the new presentation, Rice hoped to create a visually engaging experience that would help prospective students feel both informed and excited about the opportunity.

“Our audience is essentially 22 to 28 year-olds,” explains Kathleen H. Clark, Executive Director of Marketing and Communications for Jones Graduate School of Business. “We needed something that was more image-driven, with color and music—something that would appeal to the audience that we were talking to as opposed to only ourselves.”


Puffingston got to work designing a slideshow with high-resolution imagery, videos and captivating transitions—a significant reversal from the text-heavy presentation the school had relied on in previous years. To ensure an easy handoff, Puffingston used the PowerPoint 2016 platform and its new Morph and Zoom features to produce a modern, tech-savvy slideshow the school could easily update and edit for future presentations.

For Clark, the opportunity to work with partners outside of the graduate school wasn’t challenging—in fact, it was helpful.

“In my experience, outside agencies tend to do the best work,” she says. “They don’t have their blinders on, so they don’t fall into those traps of saying, ‘This is the way we’ve always done it.’”


The result? “We got a really strong response from people that were in the audience,” Clark explains. “When you walk around a big auditorium and watch people, you can tell if they’re engaged or not. This presentation definitely kept the audience interested.”

While the impact of the presentation upgrade on enrollment numbers won’t be clear until later in the year, Clark and her team are confident it’ll have a positive effect for the Jones Graduate School of Business.

And, as far as what it was like to work Puffingston, Clark says that things couldn’t have gone smoother. “The involvement was really seamless. They were on time, open to changes and the output was fabulous,” she concludes. “All in all, they were just very easy to work with, and we’ll definitely work together again in the future.”