10 Strategy & Screenshare Tips for Effective Virtual Meetings

New to virtual meetings? Looking to refine your skills?

Virtual meetings are an amazing way to capture much of the value of face-to-face meetings without the geographic proximity requirements – no driving, no flights, no travel days, no jet lag.

Our creative agency hosts 90% of its meetings online, allowing us to collaborate on exciting projects with clients around the world in ways that wouldn’t be possible if we were limited to clients we could meet with face-to-face.

With that said, virtual meetings require more strategy and discipline than in-person meetings given there are so many factors we take for granted when conversing with someone in the same room: visibility, verbal clarity, body positioning, conversation strategy…while the fundamentals to effective meetings stay the same, the techniques to make it happen are very different!

To help make you as effective as possible for your virtual meetings, here are 10 Strategy & Screenshare Tips from our experience in the exciting world of webinars:


Virtual Meeting Strategy

1. Turn On Your Webcam

even if no one else does!


2. Get Your Audio Right

this makes-or-breaks online meetings


3. Stand Up

try it! I find it much more natural


4. Interact Constantly

no one-way monologues!


Virtual Meeting Screensharing

1. Make Your Webcam Video Large

even in screenshare mode, your webcam feed is the most engaging element


2. Maintain a Quick Slide Pace

regular visual stimulation


3. Share Visually-Engaging Slides

slides take up 75% or more of viewers’ screens. They are literally staring at your slides


4. Keep Slides Aligned with the Conversation or Close ‘Em

if you don’t have slides to match the conversation, close your screenshare and return attention to your webcam feed


5. Be Flexible + Organic

people don’t like canned, one-way pitches


6. Use Flexible Slides

slideshows with built-in navigation – see video example


BONUS: The Logitech Spotlight presentation remote allows you to easily direct viewers’ attention to your movements – extremely useful for demos, tutorials and guided training


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