Conversational Presenting: Increasing audience participation and engagement through and Prezi Business (webinar replay)

Luke’s note: I believe this audience interaction tool will be such a valuable resource for you that I coordinated an exclusive webinar to showcase how companies like Google, IBM, SXSW and Dell are using it for conferences, sales presentations and internal meetings to better engage audiences and gather valuable metrics on attendee feedback. 

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The presentation revolution is here! Audiences are tired of being presented AT while having to wait for minutes or even hours for the few moments of the presentation that’s especially relevant and interesting to them. You have the insights and your audience is eager to learn, but how do we transform your rigid, pre-prepared slides into a “conversational presentation” that can pivot quickly based on audience feedback? And how do we gather that feedback in the first place?

Fear not! and Prezi Business are two innovative tools that can help you create engaging, compelling presentations for your audiences. What are they?

  • is an easy-to-use polling and Q&A platform that allows presenters to gather audience feedback in real-time through mobile devices or an online web interface and then display results and feedback directly in their presentation
  • Prezi Business is a presentation platform developed around the concept of “conversational presenting”—allowing presenters to abandon pre-determined slides in favor of a modular, easily-navigable presentation canvas where they can move from topic to topic based on the audience’s interests

This webinar was recorded on Wednesday, July 27 at 1pm ET / 10am PT with Tereza Sukopova, West Coast Account Director at and Luke Goetting, President of Puffingston (a Prezi Expert company). Tereza and Luke demonstrate how to develop presentations that better engage audiences and allow presenters to get the maximum value of their time in the spotlight through the use of these two tools.

The webinar also includes numerous real-world examples of businesses successfully utilizing these methods and recommendations on how you can incorporate them in your conferences, meetings, sales presentations, academic presentations and online seminars.

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