All Aboard the Puffingston Express – Welcoming Lawrence to the Team!

It’s been an exciting time here at Puffingston – interest in Prezi continues to grow and we’ve been busy all summer helping clients around the country with presentation designs and Prezi training sessions! Luckily this continued growth has allowed us to add a new member to the Puffingston team to help us better serve our clients. He’s already hit the ground running but we were able to slow him down just enough to have a cup of coffee and tell us about himself. We’ve enjoyed getting to know him and hope that you do too!


Who are you and what do you do

Lawrence Ingerly. I am a business development associate here at Puffingston.


Tell us about yourself

I am a native of Austin, Texas, or Austinite as we would say. I earned a bachelor degree in marketing as well as an MBA from Texas Tech University. My prior experience includes marketing for collegiate outdoor programs. I used Prezi for most of my college career because I found it to be the most engaging presentation platform.


What are you most excited about working at Puffingston?

I’m most excited about the growth opportunities at Puffingston. It’s a company that has proven success and is adding to that prior success. I think we have a real opportunity to spread the word of Prezi and show why it is such a great tool. Being a people person, I’m also excited about how much time I get to spend engaging with our customers as we work to give them the best Prezi we can.


What’s your favorite food?

Tacos. Enough said.


What’s your favorite thing about Prezi?

My favorite thing about Prezi is its ability to go 3 dimensional. It really helps in connecting your audience to the content and draws them into what you have to say. 3D backgrounds provide an element of depth that you can’t achieve using other presentation platforms.


What’s your favorite hobby?

I love being in the outdoors. Everything from climbing and kayaking to frisbee in the park.



Are you available to connect with people interested in learning more about Puffingston and/or Prezi? 

Absolutely! I’d love to talk with anybody who wants to learn more about Prezi and what we do here at Puffingston!  I’m always available via email at [email protected] or phone at (512) 960-3715. I look forward to the communications!


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