Prezi in the News – Over 60 Million Users and One Billion Views!

We here at Puffingston have always loved the way Prezi allows our clients to better engage their audiences and communicate their messages.  It’s why we’ve worked hard to become a certified Independent Prezi Expert and share the platform’s exciting capabilities through our design and training services.  Prezi inspires us to help people WOW their audiences, a goal we work towards everyday. Today we were excited to see we aren’t alone in our quest to rid the world of boring presentations!


Prezi announced today it now has more the 60 million registered users worldwide – what an accomplishment!  The company also noted there are now over 190 million public prezis available online, giving them the world’s largest public database of presentations. That’s not all though – public prezis have now surpassed one BILLION views!  Yep, a billion. Congratulations Prezi!

Even more exciting is what they did with this information.  Excited to achieve these milestones they took some time to study their success to see just what makes a great prezi.  Here is what they found: On average, the best prezis had:

  • 23 shapes
  • 40 Images
  • 1 video
  • 27 frames

As we often recommend to our clients, the more high-quality multimedia resources you use in a presentation, the more engaging it tends to be for the audience!

Prezi also announced a new co-marketing relationship with Logitech as well as the addition of two new executives.  We’re very excited to see where Prezi goes next!



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