Our Presentations in Action: ipDatatel at the ISC West 2017 tradeshow

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With the biggest tradeshow in the security industry fast approaching and three new product announcements waiting to be shared, ipDatatel decided it was time to take an entirely new messaging approach with its booth visitors.

“Two of these new products were radically different from our normal course of business and as a result, it really changed the overarching message we give to customers,” explains Dan Morton, Chief Marketing Officer of ipDatatel. “I felt we needed some scale behind it rather than an individual trying to explain it successfully.”

Instead of relying exclusively on his sales staff to present the new message one-on-one, Dan decided to hire a professional speaker to discuss the company’s new products via a large HDTV in the middle of the tradeshow booth! As the show neared, however, he realized the standard corporate slide deck wouldn’t cut it for an event of this importance.

“We had spent the money to hire this presenter and step up our booth size,” Morton says, “so I wanted to make sure the visuals were also incredible—and that it wasn’t something that was filled with text and bullets that bore most people.”

That’s where we came in!

Dan’s goal was to intrigue viewers with the story of ipDatatel’s new products and to encourage them to continue conversations with salespeople afterward. Drawing from our experience in tradeshow environments, we strategized a presentation with him that was attention-grabbing, efficient and highly visual to keep visitors’ attention.

“Unlike traditional presentation settings, tradeshow halls are noisy and highly distracting,” says Luke Goetting, Director at Puffingston. “If a presentation isn’t connecting with the audience, they’ll simply walk away and find something else to explore.”

To ensure that didn’t happen, we designed the ipDatatel presentation with high-resolution images, video backgrounds and the new PowerPoint Morph transition—resulting in a presentation exciting enough to be worthy of the tradeshow booth…and even shocking Dan in the process!

“I was genuinely impressed with the way the slides were architected,” he says, “I’ve never seen anything like it before. I used to work at Microsoft when they bought PowerPoint, and I was just astounded to see how Puffingston used the tool and how well it worked.”

The result?

ipDatatel’s speaker delivered the 8-minute presentation dozens of times over the course of the 3-day show, often attracting audiences to not only fill the seats set out but even enticing passing attendees to crowd around and see what the excitement was about!

“Even people who are generally my harshest critics commented on how well the presentation flowed and how flawlessly the message was communicated,” Morton said. “The booth next to us ended up doing a presentation filled with bullets and text, and I was really glad we didn’t end up doing something like that.”

All in all, Morton felt the presentation was a big success and an important contributor to a highly productive ISC West show for ipDatatel. “The whole thing went ridiculously well,” he explains, “Puffingston took the time to really understand us and get to know what kind of look and feel we were going for. They were really responsive and made sure we had everything we needed right down to the wire. That left me feeling really confident, and they delivered the presentation flawlessly.”

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