Presentation Foundation Series with Jill Konrath: Using Prezi Analytics to Measure Presentation Effectiveness

How can you be more effective sharing your presentations digitally?

In part two of our “Presentation Foundation” series, we’re exploring how new technology can enhance the presentation fundamentals we discussed in part one. The video below is a continuation of Puffingston director Luke Goetting’s conversation with sales expert Jill Konrath on presentation strategy.

In the video, Goetting discusses how Prezi’s new analytics feature helps solve common sharing challenges, provides real-time audience engagement data and allows presenters to better strategize content for future presentations.

If you share your sales presentation and nobody receives it, is it useful to anyone?

Sharing a presentation digitally should be as easy as sending an email, right? Yes and no. The most common method of sending a presentation—attaching a PDF or PowerPoint file to an email—can lead to all types of frustrations: corporate firewall blockades, file size restrictions, improper fonts or simply the challenge of trying to excite someone with a static PDF.

Through Prezi and its native cloud syncing, you can bypass these obstacles by generating an automatic online link for your presentation – no Dropbox, SharePoint or Google Drive required. This simplifies the sharing process for you and your client while also giving you access to the supplemental benefits of Prezi Next…

Blind no more! Prezi analytics provides you with robust viewer engagement metrics

Let’s say you’ve made it through the corporate sharing barriers and actually delivered your presentation digitally. Now what?

Do you know if your recipient ever clicked the view link? How many times? Did they share it with anyone else in the organization? Prezi analytics elevates you beyond the guessing game to detailed presentation engagement reports.

Through the Prezi dashboard, you’ll be able to get real-time view notifications, track viewer engagement on a slide-by-slide basis, track total views by each viewer as well as the total number of unique viewers.

For presentations shared with larger audiences, Prezi also offers reports combining all that viewer data into overall averages—making it easy to evaluate and compare how one presentation performs versus another.

How do you use all this data to your advantage? Keep reading!

Analytics in action: How standard metrics can be misleading

When Prezi launched its analytics feature, we wanted to get a sense of what the data looked like and what types of insights it could provide.

We decided the easiest way to start collecting data would be to share one of our presentations throughout social media, so we spent $100 on Facebook and Twitter campaigns while also posting it in a few LinkedIn groups. The results were intriguing.

Both Facebook and Twitter provided campaign engagement metrics on the supposed effectiveness of our campaigns: Facebook cited 1,843 People Reached and 72 Engagements while Twitter listed 8,432 Impressions and 23 Total Engagements. At face value, we were pleased with the results and excited to check out the Prezi data.

However, Prezi analytics told a different story. On the Facebook campaign, only 11 of those 72 “Engagements” actually clicked through to view our presentation while on Twitter, only 4 of the 23 clicked through. With both platforms, the presentation completion percentage was essentially zero—meaning viewers closed the presentation before viewing any of the slides.

Meanwhile, our LinkedIn group posts only acquired a few Likes and we initially ignored that data set, but over the course of a month viewers continued to view our post and we ultimately ended up with 52 Unique Viewers and 58 Total Views! Additionally, viewers coming from LinkedIn were completing the presentation at a 59% rate versus the 0% completion rate from Facebook and Twitter.

Realistically, this isn’t meant to be a commentary on the effectiveness of advertising on these social media platforms—there are dozens of campaign tweaks we could have made to achieve better results on Facebook and Twitter. With that said, this campaign did help us realize Prezi analytics provided a deeper perspective on how our presentations were being experienced by digital viewers—and in such a way that helped us identify where we were driving sincere interest (in this case, LinkedIn) and where our content was being ignored.

For us, this experience solidified our belief Prezi analytics could be a major asset for salespeople trying to gain better insights on prospect and client engagement.

Past presentation insights can lead to better results in the future!

Analytics doesn’t just measure how effective your presentations are historically, it can also inform your future content development.

In the interview, Goetting discusses a Prezi we developed for a large biotech conference that had six content categories—one for each of the main topics from the event. The presentation was shared with attendees via email after the conference and viewers were able to click on any one of the topics to be reminded of what had been discussed.

Upon reviewing the analytics data, it was clear viewers did not review the presentation content in the pre-defined clockwise order but bounced around to the sections that most interested them. For example, the section that came second in the “natural” order—COGS—ranked last in terms of views and total engagement time.

Our clients were excited to explore this data because it was another metric to gauge attendee interests—potentially providing deeper insights into what they wanted more of for future event programming.


Key Takeaways:

-Prezi analytics provides robust viewer engagement metrics to inform sales strategies

-Standard analytics measurements such as clicks or views don’t provide the full presentation engagement picture

-Content engagement analysis can help inform strategies for future presentations

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