The Next Generation of Prezi is here: Prezi Next!

The next generation of Prezi is here and we can’t wait to share it with you!

Prezi Next is being called “The only full-lifecycle presentation tool proven to help presenters connect better with audiences” and it’s based around a few key components:

  • Conversational Presenting: Through a new dynamic, flexible format, users can more easily navigate a presentation from point A to point Z, or go straight to point M, without flipping through slides.
  • Native Analytics: Users can see who is viewing their presentation, and when.
  • Smart Structures: To help users more easily structure, modify, and move information in their presentations, Smart Structures allow you to easily expand on your messages to show context. Information containers behave in a smart way and make it easy to expand your content with one click.

But why tell you what it can do when we can show you?

Here are some additional features we want to share with you:

Presenter Notes

Yes, the day is finally here! For the first time, Prezi debuts presenter notes as part of the native functionality of Prezi Next. From present mode, viewers can access their presenter notes, a presentation timer and a preview of the next slide. This has been one of the top feature requests from Prezi users for years so we’re excited to see it available!

Slide by Slide Presentation Analytics

Prezi is more powerful than ever before with native presentation analytics – allowing users to share presentation links that track opens, unique viewers and slide by slide interactions. This feature allows presenters to get a better understanding of their presentations and how viewers are interacting with them.

Live HD Broadcasting

Prezi Next has the ability to generate permalinks that can be shared with audiences for “live” viewing of Prezi presentations on tablets, smartphones and computers for in-person or remote viewers. Presenters can share these links with audiences before a presentation so once they begin broadcasting, the audience can follow right along on their own screens.

Real Time Viewing Notifications via Slack

Prezi Next integrates with Slack so you can get all types of notifications directly to your desktop! From “live” remote viewing updates to co-editing alerts, you’ll never be in the dark as to what’s going on with your Prezi presentations.

As an Independent Prezi Expert company, we’d welcome an opportunity to get you and your company up to speed with a custom Prezi Next presentation design or Prezi Next training, so contact us today to learn more!