Puffingston ranked top Prezi Expert company in the US!

Prezi debuted in 2009 and was immediately recognized as an exciting alternative to traditional slideshow tools (cough, cough…PowerPoint). As the cloud presentation platform gained traction, Prezi decided to launch an Expert network – a qualified group of independent companies and consultants that Prezi subscribers could turn to for more hands-on design and training needs.

Fast forward to 2018 and Prezi now boasts 100 million users around the world who have created 325 million Prezis (and counting!) through the platform. As part of its growth, Prezi recently updated its Prezi Expert program to a tiered system that recognizes its most involved and successful Expert companies—and we’re excited to share Puffingston was ranked the top Prezi Expert company in the United States!

With the new tiers, Puffingston is now considered a Platinum-level Expert – one of only six companies to receive that distinction globally: https://prezi.com/experts

We’re of course thrilled to receive this distinction and look forward to enjoying an even closer relationship with both Prezi and the Prezi community to help strategize ways to engage audiences around the world.


As part of our Platinum certification, we’ll receive early access to new Prezi features, product development webinars and an opportunity to collaborate with Prezi on a variety of sales and marketing programs. We can’t wait to get started!

Puffingston was originally accepted into the Prezi Expert program in April 2014—just a few months after director Luke Goetting was recognized as winner of the Best Business Prezi of 2013 award for his presentation “Tablets for Sales Consultants: 5 Ways to Maximize ROI.”

Since then, we’ve had some amazing experiences partnering with both Prezi and our clients on exciting projects—developing winning Prezi presentations for SXSW Accelerator pitches two years in a row, attending the Prezi Expert conference in Budapest the last three years, creating a Prezi Augmented Reality presentation using Prezi’s beta AR technology and introducing clients to the new Prezi Next platform and the exciting conversational presenting architecture it offers!

We appreciate Prezi’s continued support and look forward to leveraging our experience to build amazing Prezi presentations in 2018 and beyond!

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